Hope of Being Loved Well

Everyone loves a love story.  Why is that?  Is it the physical high that comes from our emotions?  The warm fuzzies we feel?  Is it the escape from the mundane or just our personal mundane?  Is it the ups and downs, the victories and defeats and then hopefully a happy ending?

We each may have a slightly different answer but if we are honest, it is mostly because we place ourselves in the story.  We check out for just a little while, put ourselves in some other world, even if we feel like we have a fairly wonderful life.  Ultimately, it’s about having the kind of hope God desires to place in each one of us, a longing to be loved well.

An amazing love story of our own, that’s what we desire and somewhere deep inside a cry arises up that says, “I deserve that…I deserve to be cherished, adored, protected, provided for and rescued.  To be ‘worth it’ to someone.”

No one can love like God.  We don't know what true love is, that’s the hitch isn’t it?  We have a messed up view of love and because of that mindset, we have a messed up need for love.  God gave us a divine need for a divine love that is sure.  That is scriptural; our problem seems to be how we see love or our view of love.

Ruth is a story of love, the greatest love story ever told, the reason?  Because it is your story.  It is our story.  It’s God’s story.  The story of not just our hearts completely satisfied, but His heart satisfied as well.

Ruth 3:11:  and now my daughter, fear not; I will do for you all that you require; for all the city of my people know that you are a woman of strength – worth, bravery and capability.

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