Rebecca Chavez - Executive Director, Ordained Bible teacher and speaker. I am married to my best friend Gerry Chavez, who is the lead pastor of Christ's Church, and we make our home in Roswell, New Mexico. I have two sons, Nick who studies at Texas Tech University and Benjamin who is married to Nicole. I have one grandson named Beckham and he has stolen my heart!


Before being married I lived in Jerusalem from 1985 - 1987 with a heart to serve and stand with the people of Israel based on what I feel is a biblical mandate according to Genesis 12:2-3. Since that time I return several times a year to serve God through loving and aiding the people of Israel.


I am driven; I admit it, although my husband would term it “intense”! I am relentless to love what God loves and Intimacy with Him is my highest goal.


I serve on the leadership team for Women’s Ministry at my home church. I love to encourage and launch people into their God given gifts and passions through the power of the Holy Spirit and the intentional study of the Scripture.  As a result I have written many original Bible studies, “Stringing Pearls” a study on Ruth, “The Chamber” a study on the Song of Solomon, and “Deborah the Brave” based on Deborah the Prophetess just to name a few. I love to teach at events and retreats based on the word of God that transforms lives.


I founded Deborah The Brave Ministries and The Deborah Project based on the inspiring story of the prophetess and Judge of Israel Deborah, who is called the mother heart of Israel. I also serve on several boards and leadership positions that serve the people of Israel.

Growing up in a divorced home, raised by a single mom, experiencing Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome and Anxiety as an adult I believe have made me a more compassionate person and in a small way allowed me to identify with the lost and broken. We are all equally in need of God’s love and mercy. I am also a firm believer in and have experienced the healing hand of God available to all through the sacrifice of Christ on the cross.


I also believe without the support of other 'Deborah' spirited friends I would never have launched out to find my voice and step out into the unknown of starting a ministry and outreach project. To them and my church community, I am eternally grateful. God is raising up modern day Deborah’s, mothers and fathers willing to fight for faith, family and freedom in Christ who are empowered by The Holy Spirit, and become all God intended them to be.


I love walking the streets of Jerusalem, the beach, a great cup of coffee with great conversation, diving into a new study book and I must add, it's always a good idea to have a few pushy friends!!


The vision for Deborah the Brave Ministries was inspired and the mission began during a weekly Bible Study with a group of women studying with Rebecca Chavez about Deborah the Prophetess and Judge from the Book of Judges found in Judges 4 and 5. The Bible Study was called Deborah The Brave, written and taught by Rebecca and the topics included, courage to move forward, changing a negative mindset, transforming behavior through the unveiling of the Love of God and obtaining a lifestyle where destiny and dreams are fulfilled. Deborah was brave and bold, a military leader yet submitted to the wisdom God entrusted to her, she became our inspiration and so the ministry was named after her. Our prayer is that those whose lives we touch will rise up as Deborah to find courage and strength to step into the purpose for which they were created.


Because Identity is critical for all, deeply rooted in the discovery is our connection as Christians to the land, promises and people of Israel. Romans 11 clearly states that our faith is deeply rooted in the patriarchs, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and ultimately our Savior who was Jewish. Our only response is to therefore be grateful, supportive and honor our Jewish brothers and sisters, the debt to them can only be re-paid with our love and action. Thus, out of that first Bible Study a collection was received and Rebecca delivered it to a struggling single mother in Israel juggling health issues, work, motherhood and abandonment. As they spoke this brave one told her about many of her other friends and neighbors who were also single mothers and surviving very poorly from day to day. Out of this experience The Deborah Project was born, aiding Israel’s most vulnerable populations and those who fall through the traditional ‘aid’ channels unnoticed.

Meet Deborah The Brave Team

Mary Ann Wootton

COO, Marketing Director


Mary Page

CFO & Intercessory Prayer Coordinator 


Crystal Graham

Administrative Assistant

Dvora Ganani

Partner in Israel,

Goodwill Ambassador/Jewish Agency

Vera Tanner

Business Adviser

Greg & Jodi Alpers

Advisory Board

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